Gloss3D is a 3D modeling, animation, rendering program. It was largely inspired by Maxon Cinema 4D. It is developed in C and uses OpenMotif or GTK3 as its GUI Toolkit and OpenGL as its graphics engine.

Gloss3D is now available for Microsoft Windows.

It will work on Linux Operating systems and probably on other Unixes with :

Required :

- GNU C Compiler (gcc)
- GNU make
- OpenGL
- OpenMotif or Motif or LessTiff
- GLW widget for Motif
- LibPNG

Optional :

- Expat library (for Collada support). - FFMPEG command line (for video rendering support).

Download pre-compiled binary for Ubuntu ... on Sourceforge

... or build Gloss3D from source code (for *nix users):

Untar :

tar -xvzf gloss3d-version.tar.gz

Compile :

cd gloss3d-version

Install :

make install && ldconfig

Execute :



March 25, 2015 - Version 0.2.51 is out !

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: Context menu coordinates issue when using dual screens.
- Fixed: Uses X11 message queue for animation, not unix signals anymore.

New feature :

- Now for Microsoft Windows !
- Save animation as image sequence.
- OBJ export.

October 26, 2014 - Version 0.2.20 is out !

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: Specularity.
- Fixed: Crash when rendering video at random resolution.

Feature list :

- Modeling tools : cutter, extrusion.
- 3 modeling modes : Faces, Edges, Points.
- Undo / Redo.
- partial Collada, 3DS, OBJ import.
- Catmull-clark subdivision.
- Displacement mapping.
- Basic Texturing.
- Basic Skeletal Animation.
- Basic Rendering support (artefacts still occur).